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Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have been publicly targeted by Buzzfeed author Kate Aurthur and Cosmopolitan editor Gina Mei for allegedly only supporting traditional marriage.

While there is nothing wrong with only supporting the biblical view of marriage, that it should only be between man and woman, the liberal left uses the ideal as an attack on Christians.

What is worse, the Gaines family never explicitly stated their opinions on marriage, yet they are the ones being attacked. It was their church’s Pastor, Pastor Seibert, who stated his views on same sex marriage and homosexuality.

Many Christians, fans of Fixer Upper, and even liberals have condemned Buzzfeed for writing a slanderous article on the Gaines family.

Due to the controversy, we at Conservative Tribune would like to take the time to offer support to Pastor Seibert for spreading a biblical truth in the face of a politically correct culture. We also applaud the Gaines family for responding to the controversy with grace and dignity, even asking people to respect Aurthur and Mei.

If you too support Pastor Seibert and the Gaines family sign the petition letting them know that you stand with them.

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